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Sports Day

3 Mar

Tomorrow M2 will be having her Sports Day and for the past several weeks, she has been staying back after classes to prepare for it. My M2 is in the cheer team besides participating in the compulsory track and field events.

Being involved in these activities, she felt she needed to put in some extra practice so that she will do well on the actual day. Even on weekends, she and her friends would go to school to practice their cheer routine. Such dedication.

During my time when I was in high school, I don’t recall ever wanting to stay back after school. Even when Sports Day was around the corner, I didn’t have such dedication and determination like M2.

I guess back then, school was not the nicest place to hang out after classes. I remember there was one time, there were rumors that the main bathroom was haunted! Who would want to stay back after school with such news circulating? How to go to the bathroom?

Oh man… now that I think about it, it’s hilarious. There were stories of a blood-sucking white bedsheet-clothed vampire lurking in the bathroom. And if one goes in there, the poor soul would be possessed, attacked or worst, left for dead! My goodness (chortle), such wild imagination we had back then as teenagers.

Whether it was true or not, I certainly avoided the main bathroom during school hours. And if I really had to, I would use the teachers’ bathroom at a different block away from the main bathroom building. As for my Sports Day, sadly nothing worthy to be remembered.