The Monet in Me, Part 2

23 Mar

Thoughts of Monet gave me a push to paint for two consecutive Sunday afternoons. The first piece at 8”x24” the weekend prior took two hours only. The second time, I did two pieces – a 10″x14” and a 10”x10” which didn’t take long to complete either. It was rather therapeutic on both occasions.

I must have lost my touch painting for I made a mess not on the marble floor (thank goodness) but on myself. There was paint on my fingers, thigh, ankle and even my eyelids! Goodness.

On top of the mess, I didn’t realize I nicked my thumb with the palette knife on both occasions and even went one step further by accidentally slicing my palm whilst cleaning the knife after I was done painting the first time. Ouch.

But all these efforts was worth it. Am pretty proud of my finished pieces.


This tool can slice you effortlessly if not careful!


Mood evoking pieces


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