New Flavors, Part 2

9 Dec

Dissatisfied with the new coffee that I am on to now, I was on a mission to buy something nice for my morning cuppa. I recalled awhile back someone told me that we can now buy the Vietnamese coffee, G7 here at the local supermarket. Oohh… how enticing!

G7 is the super nice and fragrant coffee that I bought from my Ho Chi Minh trip a few months back. Obviously my regular grocer does not carry it. So we went out of the way to that particular supermarket and lo and behold, G7 was in abundance on the shelves. Yay…

I was conservative and just grabbed two boxes and a bag of 3-in-1 as I should finish consuming the bottle of Columbian that I have currently. Also now that I know where to get good coffee, I don’t really need to stash an abundance of supply away.

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