Joy and Sorrow

28 Nov

With sadness I share the news that Luna has gone to pet heaven. What?! How? You may want to know…

It was a typical Sunday morning but there was excitement as far as Luna was concerned. She was molting! The old shell was just floating and she was still wiggling. 

Never thought we would see a moment like this…

But we thought the deed was not completed as she’s acting really weird and hiding in her cave. A little bit more to shed and a bigger Luna would emerge? We were careful to be discreet so that she won’t be spooked.

Our joy turned to horror when we discovered Silly Prawn II and its accomplices attacking her. We had to do something for we can’t just let them gnaw at her legs. Without the protective hard shell, Luna was vulnerable and also weakened from all that effort to shed. So hubby fished the predators out. It may have been too late. For later that night, Luna was not moving…

And this morning, much to our fear, she’s gone. RIP my crustacean, we will miss you. There was joy when we had you, now there’s only sorrow with you gone. Sniffle…

Luna was buried in the garden this morning.


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