Life of A Crustacean

22 Nov

Our latest pet, Luna the crayfish has been a delight for us. But it is still very shy. From the internet we learnt that crayfishes need something to hide in or under. So hubby put a mini flower pot in the little aquarium to double up as its hiding place because we didn’t have time to get a driftwood for her.

And it’s worked out well. Luna has even mastered the art of manoeuvring into her homely cave skilfully every time she needs to chill in there by moving backwards into it; call it a reverse park if you may. So efficient and practical. 

Sometimes if we accidentally spooked her, she would reverse further in and plaster herself, back in, to the back of the pot and raise her claws as if in defense. We think this fascinating Kung fu posture is unlikely if it was a driftwood instead of the pot. Crouching mantis, hidden prawn… Hehehe.

For food, Luna eats live little prawns. There is one surviving food that has become her friend. I call it Silly Prawn and this little crustacean is quite the clown. I tried to video Luna last week and guess what, Silly Prawn video bombed my attempt! Check out this video and wait for Silly Prawn…


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