How Come I Never Got Flowers?

5 Sep

I am not a flower-loving kind of person but once a year, if I do get a single rose or a bouquet during Valentine, I’d appreciate it. But for no reason or occasion, I’d pooh-pooh at it instead.

Last week, M1 came home with a bouquet of nice smelling flowers, given by her school teachers. It was their way of thanking her for doing a good job as Head Librarian (she steps down this year) and also to wish her well for the trial exams and the eventual big exam. I have never, ever in my life received flowers from my teachers at all levels of education.

So I find this very sweet and motivating what the teachers have done for her. Now if only my teachers then did the same act, I might have done better in my exams. On second thought, if this did happen, I wouldn’t have pursued graphic design and end up doing what I am doing now.

Smell the flowers!

Smell the flowers!

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    […] envious. How come I never received such treatment when I was in school? Prior to this, M1 received flowers from her teachers for good luck and now this, an outing treat. As time draws near to the exam, […]

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