Move Aside, Linda…

1 Jul

Next to my superhero alter-ego, Linda, there is another even more powerful superhero, the Google Mum.

Whenever faced with a mind-boggling situation, the hubby would tell the girls, “Go ask the Google Mum. She knows everything.”

Like just now over lunch, he had chewing gum stucked to his shoe and instantly, Google Mum found the solution (use WD40 to remove) or when M2’s iPod took a dive into the jello pudding, it was Google Mum—not Linda—who found the solution; it’s always Google Mum to the rescue.

Google Mum is also expected to know where everything is in the house, right down to its exact location and coordinates. Might as well be elevated to Googlemap Mum.

Many times I would receive a call from home asking where this and that are kept and I have to give the step-by-step directions to go look for that item in question.

Amazing capabilities the Google(map) Mum has and gives Linda a good run for the money!

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  1. Thanks Bob Clayton | Angieneering - January 16, 2014

    […] goodness the superhero Google Mum in me surfaced and, using the iPad Mini, managed to find the solution to the problem! The iPhone4 […]

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