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The Dogs are Back!

9 Aug

It looks like there won’t be any bunny sightings anymore. The neighbors and their dogs are back, and the incessant morning barks have started again. Sigh.

At least the neighbor behind us has completed their renovation, thus one less disturbance for us. We had to deal with constant noise and dust pollution when the renovation was moving at full scale the past few months. Thank goodness the situation is behind us now.

It’s a matter of reconditioning the mind and the expectations again to live harmoniously with neighbors, pets, critters, and all. Otherwise, we drive ourselves crazy, focusing too much on the external noises.

Bunny Alert!

8 Aug

Our immediate neighbor with the Golden Retriever and German Shepard dogs was away for almost two weeks. And it was very peaceful without barking noises, especially from the unfriendly German Shepard. I could venture out to the garden without trepidation to get some fresh air.

I stopped going to the garden because the German Shepard would rush out whenever it sensed a presence and would bark up a ruckus. Unlike the friendlier Retriever, who would wait in anticipation for pets and love from me.

But recently, with the humans and dogs not around, their garden was subject to all sorts of critters making the place their playground. One morning, I spotted a bunny! My goodness, a bunny in dog territory? Did it cross the fence from the other neighboring house?

It zipped here and there on the barren ground with so much energy, being carefree and having the time of its life. I managed to snap a couple of close-ups when it ventured closer to our side. What a cutie pie!

The carrot in the background is a doggy chew toy, and not for the bunny!

I think there could be a hole somewhere between the two properties that allowed it to venture to this side. Hopefully, after its little adventure, it went home safely.

I’m sure once the dogs and their owners come home, it is the end of the little bunny’s adventure. As for us, it’s back to dealing with the barking of the unfriendly German Shepard all over again. Sigh.

Our Silly Pet

8 Aug

We have a new neighbor on our street and they have two Labradors. Several days ago, M2 overheard the owners, walking the dogs, calling out one of the dogs by its name, “Fishball” and she thought it was rather cute.

She then suggested that we should change official pet number one’s name from “Rooney” to “Beefball”, similar to the neighbor’s because it’s rather cute. After all, “Rooney” is such a boring name and we’re not even football fans!

Fast forward to a typical night at home…

After the usual after-dinner routine – coming out to the garden to play and having his snacks, it was time for Rooney to go back. So I called him by his actual name and he didn’t budge even with a snack bribe.

So I tried another tactic…

I called him “Beefball” and he moved! Walked right towards me. We sure have one silly pet who does not know his own name sometimes or most times!

No Pets

17 Aug

I think my new neighbors have moved in. Why I say I think because I have heard them but I have not seen them. A few nights ago, there were noises and doors slamming, followed by some echo voices and lights being turned on and off. The next day, there had been some flurry of activities with the movers.

There are three cars parked in the car porch but I have yet to see anyone nor sight any animals. The family obviously does not have pets like the previous tenant; no self-inviting cat coming over, no cockatoos mimicking a conversation nor a curious dog looking over the fence.

It feels weird having new neighbors that are there yet not there. Maybe they need time to settle and we will eventually meet. I don’t know, we shall see.


31 Jul

Our neighbor has moved. After a year renting the house next door, the family has gone back to their home country, England and it’s been very quiet the last two days.

Every now and then, their ever curious black and white cat would coolly saunter into our living room because we always leave the back door open at the terrace. The other prima donna cat stays indoors so we hardly see it. Then there’s the beagle, Jasper. He would look at us forlornly whenever he’s out and sees us playing with our dog, Rooney, in our back garden. Poor Jasper, he looks as though he lacks playtime and a play mate.

Our favorites are the cockatoos. Every morning, we can hear their chirps and chatter and every evening, when we come home, they would greet us ‘Hello…’. Sometimes they even amuse by calling out ‘Jasper…’ or imitating their masters.

The last two mornings when I awoke, silence. No birds chirping, no truck engine revving up nor the occasional whine from the pooch. I’m not used to it!

Goodbye my feathered friends and fur balls. Have a good life. We will definitely miss you (more than your masters).