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It Ain’t Happening

2 Dec

Joy was shortlived after going pass Level 735 of Candy Crush. I am now stuck at Level 737. Between this and Level 584 of Farm Heroes, I cannot decide which one is causing me more grief. I cannot pass the two challenges. Boo hoo…

But the weekend proved to be a good one as far as activities are concerned. The dreadful Level 584 was finally overcomed, thanks to all the farm equipments in hand to assist. I even progressed well for Candy Crush Soda.

Like I said, joy always is shortlived. Between Level 737 of Candy Crush and now, Level 586 of Farm Heroes, I cannot decide which one, again, is causing me grief.

Maybe it’s time to go back to reading or even go away for a holiday! Hmm…

They Changed It!

1 Dec

Level 735 of Candy Crush has been so hard because it requires one to collect 250,000 points! How? It has been very difficult and demoralizing, so I stopped for several days. Last Friday after a golf game, and a tiring one with so much laughter and food after the game, I came home and without a thought, launched Candy Crush automatically. And you know what? They changed the requirement! So I was pleasantly surprised to find myself collecting slightly over 100,000 points and made it passed the level in one attempt. Whee….. However, a pinch on myself and a quick check to verify that I was not mistaken, showed conflicting requirements. From an initial 250,000 points for both the laptop and iPad, the app in Facebook on the laptop needs only 100,000 while the iPad has gone up to 500,000! What is going on? Thank goodness I played it on the laptop.


Eh? When was the Update?

27 Nov

Over the weekend, it was a surprise when I decided to launch Candy Crush on the iPad to find myself transported from Boneyard Bonanza to Marshmallow Mountains. When was the update that resulted in this chapter appearing on the iPad? I don’t recall.

I was at the end of Boneyard the last time I crushed some candies on the iPad and during the weekend, I was on the laptop most of the time to attempt Level 733. And when the laptop froze, I still did not go on the iPad until much later.

A good surprise nonetheless. I am now at Level 735. And yesterday, Candy Crush officially released the actual update, announcing the new levels of 724 to 740.