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Five Months Later

12 Oct

Over the weekend, we had our first dine-in at a restaurant after five months of staying home in a lockdown state. And it was a strange feeling yet, at the same time, liberating.

We chose to have Japanese food because this was one food that we never ordered for delivery nor prepared at home. Sashimi is something one must eat fresh and served on a mountain of ice to stay fresh. To even think of having it delivered is out of the question – what more attempting to prepare sashimi at home. So it was a good choice.

I downed half my beer before remembering to take a picture! Oops.

Getting into the restaurant at the mall was according to the protocol: face mask on, check-in with the locator app for contact tracing, taking our temperature, and being seated one meter away from another table.

It was nice to sit in a restaurant, instead of at home, with a cold beer and enjoy a different menu, but will we do it again, eating out, that is?

I guess we will as cases are on the decline and most of the population are vaccinated already. The government has also declared that the country is now in an endemic stage. With the economy fully opened and interstate travel now being allowed, dining out in fear is a thing of the past. Life must go on with as much normalcy as possible from here on.

Here, Try This!

12 Mar

When you know you are leaving home for university, you tend to be on a roll to eat as many things as possible. Things that you never eat all this while in your whole life, suddenly pops up on the ‘To Eat’ list. Having said that, we have been going all out with M1 to eat to the hearts’ content; doing exactly as what my mom and dad did with me prior to my leaving, back in the dinosaur era. (I know, my scale cringes at me every time I walk into the bathroom). It’s a funny belief, then and now, that when one goes off to college, one will miss all the good food especially the home flavors.

So far we have checked off most of the local delicacies, along with some other Asian food. Yesterday, we feasted on Korean food and today, M1 goes off to enjoy a farewell meal with her friends. Days when there is nothing scheduled, we will just eat at home. But come Saturday, chicken rice ball is on the agenda, followed by Japanese food on Sunday. Next up, authentic Chinese cuisine on Tuesday with an aunt and cousin, followed by a home-cooked meal by my friends for her next Friday!

So much to eat, so little time left.

These are just the condiments!

Everything is here except the fish!