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Crazy Weather

5 May

It has been unbearably hot lately. The heatwave is just too much to handle. But it rains also, and when it rains, it floods. We are going through a spell of crazy weather now.

I try to do less, play less golf, and move less. The thought of sitting down and starting the next miniature does not even appeal, likewise using my brain to think, read, or write. Ugh.

The heat does crazy things to the mind, and my sloth lifestyle is returning! I hope this will not last because it is not productive.

The Heat is On, Part 2

17 Apr

It has been hot and uncomfortable these past few days. And to make matters worst, the haze is coming back! Ugh. When it is so hot, many vulnerable areas will be prone to open burning, and this will lead to the occurrence of haze. I guess donning the mask again when being outdoors is best.

We are currently experiencing a heatwave due to less rainfall. Funny how quickly situations change with a shift in the weather pattern. Thankfully this would not last because we expect rain in the next few days. But until then, I am staying indoors as much as possible.

Intense Heat

16 Aug

We are experiencing an intense heat wave of late, it’s unbearable. The biting heat certainly makes life uncomfortable and it’s no fun to carve in such weather, what more to do so out in the garden terrace with the sun in the background. When the wind blows, it’s as if we are standing in front of an opened oven with the heat gushing out. Phew.

Several months earlier when it rained, we’d wished for dry weather but we get dry weather now, we wish for the opposite! I guess we have to deal with the situation.

A Giant Furnace 

5 Apr

It has been unbearably hot for us for the past few days. The atmosphere is like a giant furnace, but with extremely high humidity on top of the desert-like temperature. And this discomfort is without the haze. Imagine with the haze added, double whammy! Then again, I read somewhere the haze will be making its way to us soon. Sigh… and super sigh.

Although I did not check the temperature, it feels like it’s at least 36 degrees Celcius or more. Even when we are indoors, it’s uncomfortable.

And to think that M1 complained to me last week that with Spring here, it has been so hot for her at 20 degrees Celcius. Hah! Call that hot? Wait till you come back for your holidays!

It’s the Weather

10 Mar

These past few days I feel so lethargic, I think it’s because of the hot weather. My brain feels so fried, I can’t even think; my body feels so lazy, I just want to lay down on the cool marble floor and just be a sloth.

I don’t want to move, I don’t even relish playing my virtual games. But amazingly, I still play golf in the afternoon. Unfathomable.

It’s been very hot and humid and apparently, it will stay like this until June. My goodness. On a brighter (and silly) note, this heat sure feels like it is melting away the body fat. Heheh…