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The Lazy Egg

16 May


Over the weekend, I bought a new t-shirt and it’s not just any t-shirt, it’s a Gudetama t-shirt. I love it!

I wore it on Tuesday to the office because that was exactly how I felt… like a lazy egg. It was apt. I don’t normally wear t-shirts with graphics (cartoon characters or words) to work but it was an exception on that day.

Things are slow in the office again as projects that kept us busy were completed and new upcoming projects have yet to kick off because they are still in the planning stages.

It’s okay because this allows me to go play golf during the week, which I did yesterday. Unlike the marathon 36-holes last Friday, it was just a normal 18-holes followed by dinner, forsaking the 16/8 diet for a day.

But as I have reached my target goal weight last week, I thought a little reprieve to enjoy with friends this week on a weekday is allowed.

Butt-head! Bwahahahaha….

5 Dec

My little nephew recently learnt a new word. This is according to both M1 and M2 when they went to visit grandma two days ago and was playing with him and his little sister.

Looking at his little sister, he would go, “Butt-head!” for no particular reason and then break out in fits of laughter. “Bwahahahahaha…..!”

Eeeks! Is that a word? Should it be allowed? Now, which cartoon was he exposed to? M1 and M2 were both too tickled even to correct him. Grandma was definitely unaware of the situation.

Wouldn’t my brother dearest be appalled if he found out? Shh…

Miss Magoo

3 Sep

When M1 was a toddler, I used to call her “Miss Magoo” simply because when she smiled, her eyes would go all slity and it reminds me of the cartoon character, Mr Magoo.

Of course children of today’s era would not or may not know him but if you looked him up and compared the eye feature especially, you would agree with me that M1 has a somewhat uncanny resemblance to Mr Magoo and worthy to be called Miss Magoo, no?