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Anxiety and More Anxiety

27 Aug

After six and a half years and two degrees later, our M1 is finally coming home. We are, of course, thrilled with her decision. There was quite a fair bit of anxiety for her trying to book her flight home because of the pandemic.

She had two previous bookings canceled by the airlines because of limited flights and transiting countries having strict regulations to deal with the pandemic. What was supposed to be an 18-hour one-stopover journey became a two-stopover and much more than that. Way much more.

The two-stopover flight with Air Canada did not go as planned! The delayed first leg of the journey caused her to miss her connecting flight to Narita Airport for the second leg. Dear, oh dear. And she could not wait for the next available flight out with the same airline as the Covid-19 test would become invalid after 72 hours from testing. Throw in the immigration restrictions of no more than 24 hours for transit.

It’s so stressful to add to the anxiety dealing with new issues like flight timing, and immigration, on top of health.

Thankfully, she found an alternative airline for the same day, but the journey is longer. Oh well, an extended flight is better than being unable to return at all. With cases on the uptrend again, there isn’t much choice. I will be tracking her path on flightaware.com as always. We have to wait another day until she arrives.

So Far So Good

25 Nov


M1 did the Bahamas

The globe trotting project proved to be a hit! We decided that it should be in alphabetical order to make things easier; they just have to choose a country each. The second presentation was with more enthusiasm and even us adults learnt a few new things on the two countries, Bahamas and Belgium.


Bahamas: a quick glance, thanks to M1


M2’s contribution on Belgium

Sunday night, I reminded them on the project for the coming weekday and without hesitation, both girls discussed with much interest on the countries they’d like to do. Countries were rattled off… Chile, Canada, Cuba, Djibouti, Denmark, Egypt and until letter ‘N’!! Wow. In my mind, I was thinking, if the project was just 5-days for the weekday (resting on the weekends), this week, we would just end at letter ‘G’ but they went on and beyond that.

Never thought that this could be so engaging for them. Yes, I am pleased.