Fixing the Mess, Part 2

15 May

The soldering iron hand tool looked intimidating when I had to fix the wiring mess of DIY project number 28. Everything is so tiny and close together on the switch compared to the big soldering iron tool. It may not work, and I may burn something accidentally.

Heat shrink tubes are the best to resolve wiring issues

So I had to improvise. Instead of heating the soldering wire to join the wire to the switch, I used a heat shrink tube as the connector to hold things in place. And guess what? It worked. Phew.

I also added a makeshift holder (recycling the leftover template cutouts) to keep the wires on the underside of the tiny house in place and much neater. DIY project number 28 is now truly completed and sits in the big Ikea display cabinet with the rest of my other miniature sets.

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