Day Trip to Belfast

10 Nov

We decided to take the train to Belfast for a day trip yesterday. The Weather app showed the temperature to be nine degrees Celsius, but actually, it felt like six degrees! Hmm, how to have more layers when I have five already?

The two-hour journey was pleasant. We had designated seats with our names showing on the little screen above. The landscape was a lovely mix of buildings, farmland, and seascapes. Very picturesque!

Picturesque journey

We arrived in Belfast on time, and when we walked out of the station, the whiff of cold air welcomed us. Brr. We had no choice but to make our way to the city center quickly.

In the spur of the moment, we decided to do the Hop On Hop Off city tour and bought our tickets from the bus conductor. It was an ideal way to cover more sights of the city without walking so much. But we sat in the open area of the double-decker, which made no difference from being exposed to the cold.

The city tour ended after an hour and 20 minutes. Famished, we ate the first thing we saw, Tim Hortons, a Canadian fast food chain.

I think Belfast is too cold for us. We decided to stay indoors, shopping at Primark instead. By four, we were tired and decided to head toward the train station because there was not much else to see. While it was nice to visit a new city, we all concluded Belfast was not quite the city for us.

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