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Returning to DIY Project #17, Part 2

18 Oct

DIY project number 17 is moving, albeit slowly, very slowly. The tasks for this set that were not appealing to me were the plants and clay work. I managed to rope in M1 to help on the clay work, and thankfully, she obliged. But the plants I have to manage on my own.

Tedious working on plants

I want to finish this project up because it is taking far too long.

The Gardening Project Continues, Part 2

18 Oct

The vegetables have pulled a fast one on us! When we least expected it, the okra sprouted last week, and it looks so healthy. Such excitement we felt despite being only one okra to show after all this while.

The first growth, and another coming out

Two days later, there was another one coming out. Yay!

Yay! Two okras!!!

I look forward to seeing more okras sprouting out. As for the mini brinjal, it is only a matter of time before something shows.