D for Durian

3 Aug

With the continuous lockdown and strict restrictions imposed, we find ourselves doing a lot more online shopping. And we also discover a whole slew of things available. Things we take for granted when, in our previous life, we could walk into a store to choose or just run out to purchase when the need arises. No such behavior now, though.

Anyway, we recently bought durian online! Who would have thought that this thorny fruit is now available online? Durian is not something we must eat when the annual season kicks in. It is more whimsical or craving on the spur of the moment.

The delivered sealed bag to contain the smell

But when one is under lockdown for so long now, one can do something out of the norm. And so, we bought durian from an online site. Twice, mind you. And I must say, both times were equally good, and we were not disappointed.

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