Here We Go Again

4 May

On Sunday, after our weekend golf game, we heard rumors of an impending lockdown again. MCO 3.0. Oh dear, here we go again! Well, this enforcement is unavoidable given that there has been a steep surge in cases.

The country has breached the three thousand mark for several days already, and the healthcare system is, again, stressed to the max. So something needs to be done for the healthcare system to cope with the situation.

If MCO 3.0 comes into effect for the usual two-week duration, playing golf is out of the question because it is a non-essential activity. Likewise, going to work is out of the question, as our business is a non-essential service. I certainly would have plenty of time being home to finish up DIY project number 13, or rather, 12A.

We wait for the announcement.

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