DIY Project #8

4 Dec

Last Saturday was a rare non-golf day for me. I needed a break as I had played on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday already. Moreover, I would be playing on Sunday, so in between that streak, a much-needed rest was necessary.

It was nice to be home, but I did not sit on my laurels. I started on DIY project number eight. When I opened the box and took out all the packets, it looked daunting. But so far, it has been such fun working on it.

Project #8

It’s been a week already that I am on it, taking my time. The bookshelves are such a joy. Pieces are interlocking so that the shelves align, unlike project number four, where I had to measure the spacing in between manually. And even then, things went a little off for that project. I learn as I progress.

The interlocks are at the back. So clever!

For other furniture pieces, like the mini table, there are holes to ensure the legs can fit properly. However, the legs were a tad too fat, so I had to file them down. Nothing too stressful that I could not handle.

On the whole, it is just time-consuming because there are so many of the same things required. Like the books, there’s a whole lot of them. And cutting all the paper and gluing them to make a block of books or to the wood pieces. Speaking of books, I thought it was hilarious that most of the books are titled “Book.”

Slowly but surely, project number eight has been fun and moving at a good pace.

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