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The Vomiting Chicken

7 Jul

Online shopping is fun. Buying kitchen appliances online is even more fun, although I don’t use these purchases myself. During the MCO since March, I’ve made several online purchases for kitchen stuff for hubby to use and activity items for myself.

The latest purchases are again kitchen gadgets. Purchase #1: two rolling pins that I thought their bright, fun colors would be nice to add to the kitchen, but more because of their sizes especially the mini one that I thought was very cute.

Purchase #2 was more whimsical yet practical: the vomiting chicken.

The what?!

It’s an egg separator, that’s what the vomiting chicken is. When you crack an egg into its body and tilt it, the egg white comes out of the beak, hence vomiting, while the yolk stays put. And it works much better than the conventional egg separators that we already have.

Works even with two eggs! Our other useless separators

It’s fun to play with it. I guess I will assist hubby with his baking endeavors when it comes to separating the egg whites from the yolks.