A Game of Opposites

28 May

I often say golf is one funny game. The harder you try, the more it backfires and the harder it will be to gain in strokes or advantage. But when you don’t exert or make effort, you play better. It’s a game of opposites and I know this fact, yet I am always wanting to defy it. And suffer the consequences in confidence and ability in the process.

After the golf binge last week, that’s how it was for me during the game on Saturday. Something went totally awry; it was terrible as everything fell apart. I lost five balls, I lost focused in every department, and I even lost my swing! It was one of those days… my confidence was busted. Sigh…

The mode of play was Stableford and I came back with a meagre 25 points. Then when I played again yesterday morning – the postponed game from last Friday, it was a totally different story.

My swing came back, I was more focused and despite losing one ball less than Saturday, I played so much better. Maybe the masseur who focused on the shoulders more than the legs, knew my needs better than me.

In terms of Stableford points, I scored 33 points! Words fail me here. The flight mates are people I usually play with, the stakes are the same, the course too, so why such a contrasting outcome? Unexplainable this game of opposites, don’t you think so?

My next game is this Saturday because the intended game on Wednesday is now pushed to next Monday. Let’s hope I will manage well during the weekend’s outing and not be consistently inconsistent.

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