800 Days

1 Nov

Yesterday I reached Day 800 with the Candy Crush Soda’s Daily Bonus! It’s like an obsession and a mindless morning routine on the iPad Mini for me to reach this crazy number .

The iPad Mini…. big sigh. Sometimes the device works, sometimes not and it bothers me depending on what I do. If I do need to play Soda for the heck of it, I will play it on the phone because on the iPad, the app can’t go beyond the Daily Bonus.

I get more riled up when I am on Sticky Hands’ apps – Solitaire Cooking Tower and Age of Solitaire because the iPad Mini is just too laggy with these new games but this is not the focus here. It’s the Candy Crush Soda’s milestone.

And as I have said previously when I reached Day 700, for every 100 days you’d see a post on this crazy number of a milestone. Next aim: Day 900. I think I can do it.


Next milestone to reach: Day 900!

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