Not Getting Better, Part 2

22 Oct

Could it be that I have a small Avulsion Fracture on my left hand, just like the LPGA professional golf player, Michelle Wie? Hubby shared the news of her injury with me last Friday.

It sounds very similar because I do have a bone spur and the symptoms sound about the same. I am pretty sure her description of ‘nerve entrapment’ is akin to my ‘tiny bumps along the vein’.

But this is where the similarity ends as I did not do all those medical check ups and treatments like she did.

If a professional like her will not play the remainder of the season to get well, me being an amateur and without any treatment should rest until the end of the year too to fully recover. Something to really think about.

So how did I play on Saturday? Like a cow, like a chicken, like a novice… you get the idea? It was worse that those rock bottom days in the middle of this year. Sigh… and super sigh.

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  1. Need to Getaway | Angieneering - November 6, 2018

    […] doctor yesterday to evaluate the wrist. Thankfully it’s not what I thought initially – Avulsion Fracture and no necessity for an X-ray or MRI. Rather it’s a case of De Quervain’s stenosing […]

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