New Pets, Part 2

27 Aug

We did the unthinkable. Just when I thought Pete and Kate Moss, our Marimo Moss Ball pets do not seem to be growing, we bought another one! But this time it’s an even bigger one!

The little two which we acquired six months ago, at the end of February this year don’t seem to have grown. Hmm… could it be they are still living in their little glass jar with little space for movement and growth? After all, we have not moved them to the mini aquarium as originally planned.

We do change the water periodically but maybe we should place the jar in the fridge to allow them to literally chill once in a while? Leaving the jar on the dining table with the evening sun beating down at it is not the most ideal situation. But now with a big fella, whom I have named Moses, they can all move into the mini aquarium immediately.


It’s not a blob but a Moss Ball

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