The 2.1 Tracker

6 Jul

Recently in mid-April, I replaced my activity wearable the Xiaomi Mi Band2. All was fine and dandy but soon, there were problems. Within two weeks, the battery drained at a pace that was not normal.

Initially I didn’t think too much of it and attributed the quick drain to the setting whereby everything was turned on. So I disabled this and that but to no avail. It came to a point of being useless to wear a tracker that was unable to track anything.

Within half a day, the band would be drained to 40% from a full charge. Oh dear… I sat on the problem for a while but in the end I decided to do something about it.

I contacted the vendor and she suggested that I should go to a Xiaomi Customer Service Centre as she cannot help me, being just a reseller. So over one weekend, I went to the new Xiaomi retail shop that just opened, hoping that the service crew there can help me.

But no, they were not too helpful nor too pleasant. Hrmph. Maybe they were too busy attending to potential new buyers? After all, the shop just opened. Whatever it was, I was not impressed with their service attitude. But I did get confirmation of their Customer Service Centre located not too far away.

The next day, I followed up on this. Unlike the retail shop, the Customer Service Centre was helpful. They said the battery drain issue was not an unusual case and as the device was still under warranty, they will just replace the unit one-for-one instead of fixing the battery. Wow, I didn’t expect that.

With just an hour’s wait after the paperwork submission and device handover, I had a brand new replacement for the Mi Band2 wearable; call it the 2.1 tracker if you may because it replaced the second unit. And it has been working fine since. The first charge lasted three days shy of a six weeks duration.

As long as the one year warranty is still valid with a show proof of the purchase receipt, the Xiaomi Mi Band2 can be replaced if there’s any manufacturer’s problems with it. Just remember to unpair (luckily I remembered to) so that the new one can be paired with the smart phone. Here’s towards happy tracking of my activities!

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