Slow Poke

5 Apr

I have become a slow poke. After leaving the hospital on Tuesday, I find myself walking ever so slowly. Obviously the surgery area hurts, so does the shoulder and breathing, common after a laparoscopic surgery because of the leftover carbon dioxide in the abdomen. 

Thankfully it’s only the right shoulder that hurts and it should subside within a few days while the wound area may take longer, depending on individual. Looks like I have to take things slowly literally. But I should walk more if possible to release all that trapped gas. And I find sleeping at an angle works better than laying flat on my back.

Plenty of rest, no exertion (this means no carving!) and no strenuous activities (no gym or golf until I am fully fit). Maybe now is a good time to catch up with all my reading. Being a slow poke does have some benefits.

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