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At the Hospital

2 Apr

This is a late post from my usual pattern because this morning, I went to the hospital for the scheduled laparoscopic surgery. And had the longest wait of my life.

So much so I was contemplating so many things in my mind. Without my iPad and I didn’t want to drain my phone battery, a lot can go through the mind.

The first thing being I am glad to take this step because over the weekend, I had an excruciating cramp again. And this morning, it was painful to cross my left leg, something I do all the time! The body seems to have a mind of its own, doing things to me when it knows it’s going to be discovered.

Dang! It’s cold. Can I wear socks to keep my feet warm? Hmm… then again, I had to shed every piece of clothing, so maybe not.

The anaesthetist came by to explain the procedure and it was almost one before I was wheeled in to the OT.

Three hours later…

Out from OT. And it’s not Endometriosis but a cyst! I await the doctor to come by and give me a clearer picture. Dang! It’s cold. I finally get to wear my socks.