HK Day 2: Disneyland

14 Dec

I must say Hong Kong Disneyland was rather enjoyable this time! We bought our tickets from at a discounted rate (HKD70 less per ticket) from the published rate. And the weather was cool without any sun, the queue lines were minimal, plus the crowd not too overwhelming, it was excellent to be outdoors.

Most rides we waited in line was a mere ten minutes, with the longest being 20 minutes. Despite getting to the park at 10.30am and not staying for the night fireworks, we managed to do nine rides plus the Lion King musical.

I thought Iron Man was neat, so was Toy Story but we all chickened out on the RC Racer ride, it looked too scary.

The day ended with each having a bowl of hearty noodles after we got back to Jaffe Road. I clocked in 5.8km and 9,625 steps today. Long day. Well calling it a night soon because tomorrow is another activity filled day!

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