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HK Day 3: Lantau Island, Part 2

15 Dec

From Ngong Ping Village, we took Bus no. 2 down to Mui Wo and met up with my high school friend and her hubby for a late lunch. It was good to catch up and they treated us to a really sumptuous seafood lunch. The chatter was so rib-tickling and entertaining, just like the good old days.

I am glad we made the effort to meet up as it’s not often we see each other so much, with her residing here in Hong Kong and me in Kuala Lumpur.

After the meal and goodbye, we took the ferry across back to Hong Kong island. What a day with subway rides, cable car, bus and now the ferry. It was only 5.30pm when we were at the IFC area. We wandered a bit before making our way back to our familiar territory, bought dinner to bring back to the apartment to eat in the comforts of ‘home’.

I thought I would cover 6.0km today but no, I actually did 6.7km or 10,965 steps. Yes, we are all tired to the core but it’s a good tired.

Tomorrow it will be another day of walking and more walking! Kowloon on the agenda.

HK Day 3: Lantau Island, Part 1

15 Dec

The queue for the Ngong Ping cable car ride was longer than those at Disneyland. We got to the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal by 10.30am after breakfast. As we opted for a one-way instead of a round trip, we could not pre-book the tickets on So we had to stand in line, for half an hour, to buy tickets and another half an hour to wait for our turn to board the cable car.

The cable car ride was very breath-taking. And for the first time, we saw the whole layout of the airport, HKIA. Rather bland looking (all brown) but busy and practical. It took 25 minutes from the starting point to reach the other end, the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal. Weather was lovely again, a bit on the cool side.

We had a quick bite at Ngong Ping Village before having a leisurely walk through the village to Po Lin Monastery. The atmosphere was rather serene. There were cows everywhere, grazing and chilling amidst the crowd. Interesting. Heading towards the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas, the burning incense was enough to make our eyes sting in a nice way, I guess.

After admiring all the architecture, colors and statues, we made our way to the bus stop to catch the bus to Mui Wo.

HK Day 3: Ngong Ping 360

15 Dec

Woke up with a splitting headache. The pillow is simply horrible. It’s so flat and worst than a fluffy pancake. Ugh… But I won’t let this spoil my day. We are heading out to Lantau Island again to take the Ngong Ping cable car and visit the other interesting sites there.

Maybe another 6.0km on the MiBand? We shall see…