As Its Name Implied

4 Dec

I don’t know why I thought eating in Rawang was the itinerary when clearly the highway, being called Rawang Bypass, would not lead us to the town. Looks like I did my research and got it all wrong. I could have been too excited at the prospect of savouring new food to realize the implication of the name.

As its name implied, we bypassed Rawang when we did the day road trip on Friday. Our scenic and leisurely-paced drive led us to a lot of places except Rawang but it was fun!

We made several stops – at a hill slope village with a Chinese temple showcasing a karma cycle mural on its hillside wall; savoured a simple noodle lunch in another town; saw a man-made dam and appreciated the vast volume of water surrounded by the mountains; and a winding ascending drive to Fraser’s Hill for a second lunch amidst lovely weather and a very tranquil surrounding without the crowd.

I’m glad we bypassed Rawang. It was lovely especially driving to Fraser’s Hill with towering trees to admire along the way and cool weather to appreciate because of the elevation. Such a welcome change in weather, we had the windows down all the way and turned off the air-con in the car. Indeed sheer driving pleasure.

And the walk around the quaint little town enjoying the foliage and green surrounding, breathing in the fresh air, made this impromptu stop very enjoyable.

I am sure we will be back to discover more and poor Rawang will be bypassed again.





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