The Big Debate

9 Mar

Now that I’ve concluded it wasn’t the chocolate’s fault and I have two bags of M&Ms, I am caught in between on a decision.

I actually have an M&M chocolate dispenser (a Christmas gift) in contention with my gum ball machine to be of service to store my chocolate supply. While it’s of purely sentimental reasons that I want to use the gum ball machine, the thing is so old, it may not be hygienic. On the outside, it’s rather dusty even after cleaning, what more the inside of its solid base? I dare not think beyond the dust…

But if I use the new and clean M&M dispenser, the thing is so plastic-ky and unauthentic, there is no joy in eating. Also, unlike the real gum ball machine, the thing doesn’t require coins to dispense, it’s no fun. Sigh…

It’s a silly debate seriously but a debate nonetheless.


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