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The Popping Tuna

23 Feb

During Chinese New Year, the pet shop was closed and we were not able to buy live prawns to replenish for Meow-meow the arowana and Tuna the crayfish to eat. But luckily, there were some leftover clever ones hiding in Meow-meow’s big aquarium. So hubby was able to fish out one or two for Tuna to survive on.

By the fifth day of Chinese New Year, I noticed Tuna was not very active and most likely conserving energy. Every time I walked passed the little aquarium, he would be hiding in his little pot. He would not rush out with his claws raised as if to frighten me even when I squinted at it. A morbid thought crossed my mind: he was dying a slow death because of hunger! Yikes.

Thankfully by the sixth day (of Chinese New Year), the pet shop opened and we were able to replenish the food. And after several days, Tuna’s back to its old self again, flaring his claws at me whenever I walked near his abode.

One evening, he was about to do the same thing to me when his actions backfired. As he rushed towards me, the overhanging fake tree tickled him and suddenly, he was popping like a popcorn instead! It was rather funny.

Maybe we should not straighten the tree to its original upright position so that Tuna can pop and not lunge at me whenever I get close! Hehehe…