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The Great Cookie Bake Sale

17 Feb

Two days ago M2 asked if her friends could come over to bake more cookies for their Interact Club and I agreed. Not only I agreed, I joined in the baking as well which was quite fun. We made chocolate chip cookies.

I don’t normally bake as I prefer to cook. But cooking is only when the mood hits which is not often. During my high school days, I was also involved in the Interact Club, just like my two girls. But I don’t recall my friends and I baking cookies to sell to raise money for the club. We did something else I think. Hmm… memory fails me here. Probably whatever we did was not significant enough to hold a place in my memory.

Anyway, it is nice that both M1 and M2 are into this activity – learning teamwork and the importance of participation. The money collected for their Interact Club from the sale of the cookies, popcorn and flowers would then be used to organize an even bigger event to raise money for a charitable cause. I laud the Club and my girls for the commitment and efforts.

The cookie sale has been quite good, that’s why the need to have that second round of baking. I am glad I played a role in the great cookie bake sale.