What an Ungodly Hour to Wake Up!

20 Mar

I had to force myself to sleep, what with me being a night owl. I read somewhere two days ago that creative people are night owls with the tendency to always sleep late. So if every night, I hit the sack at 1.00am or thereabouts, indeed I must be creative and a certified night owl. Going to bed at 11.30pm was tough after my usual nightly routine of Zookeeper and Farm Heroes. I did not even crush any candies…

Seven minutes before my alarm went off at 3.00am, I woke up. Somehow the body always manages to stir whenever there is a need to wake up early. But the only times I wake up this early is to catch an early international flight or for a morning tee off. But for golf, it would be at least 5.30am, giving me a couple more hours of rest. Either situation, the body automatically wakes up without the alarm.

The roads were devoid of vehicles so it was quite nice to step on the pedal to enjoy the sheer driving pleasure of the ultimate driving machine. We got to our friend’s place in no time and with the van arriving simultaneously, the oversized golf bags and luggages were quickly loaded up and we were on our way to the airport.

Things were a blur at the airport. You cannot imagine the number of people traveling at this ungodly hour! LCCT was packed. But then again, with a tagline like “Now Everyone Can Fly” the KL base of AirAsia definitely had people of all kinds flying.

I guess all this is worth the ungodly wake up hour as we will play our first game upon arrival. Slated for a noon tee off at Chiangmai Inthanon Golf Resort, I just hope the weather will be nice.

I should attempt to catch 40 winks on board. Stay tuned…

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