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Meatball Monday

10 Dec

Two weeks I decreed the girls should have meatballs for lunch on Monday and M2 whooped, “Yay! Meatball Monday!!!” But alas, plans had to change and the meatball lunch did not materialize.

Errands got in the way of routine. But finally, the highly anticipated meatballs was to be prepared for lunch on Thursday.

“We’re having meatballs tomorrow?” asked a surprised M1, on Wednesday night.

“Aww… It’s not the same. We can’t call it ‘Meatball Monday’!” M2 lamented.

Well, does it matter to have the first alphabet of each word to be the same?

So I turned things around and declared, “How about calling it ‘The meatball Thursday’? Happy?”

Two cheesy grins appeared.