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A New Superhero

3 Oct

Meet SuperCute, Gigglesville’s newest superhero. I named it SuperCute because well, it is super cute. Just look at the face! How can one stay evil when faced with such a cute and adorable superhero? A smile would definitely break out.

Together with SuperOwl, SuperOink and Penguin Power (and led by Lord Bubba), they fight evil to bring laughter, love and tons of giggles to the world, much needed in our current times today.


Not All are Equal

29 Aug

Like us humans, the Citizens of Gigglesville are not created equal. They come in all different shapes and colors. But size-wise, they are about the same, given the one inch balsa I use; only their height differs.

There are several ‘types’ of citizens, all sculpted with love. Every time when one is completed, I break into a giggle and my heart is filled with joy and love.
How can one not giggle and love them by just looking at their innocent giggly expressions?

Nemesis of Gigglesville

29 May

It’s inevitable for every storyline that has happy giggling citizens living harmoniously and superheroes maintaining peace to have a nemesis who does nothing but wreck havoc and create fear. Hence, Gigglesville has EB to content with. EB as in Evil Buster.

So who is EB? He’s obviously an evil one with a name as such and he brings glum to the citizens, taking away their giggles and happiness.

Now all I need is to create the whole township! Carving has never been this fun!

Mummy’s Coming, Quick… Hide!

2 Aug

The girls love a prank every now and then. It was a typical night when I walked into their room, ready for the nightly ritual before bedtime; M1 was just coming out of the bathroom as I looked at the beds and asked, “Where’s your sister?”

“She’s not there?” said M1. “Maybe she went outside.” I opened the door and called out to the TV room. No reply. Hmm.

I came back into the bedroom and scanned the place again. My first automatic reaction would have my hands reaching out to slide the slightly ajar closet door closed but before it could slide close, M2 popped out from the closet. Thank goodness she didn’t scare the daylights out of me! Phew.

Whatever prank involving the closet both were conspiring pales in comparison to what I did when I was a kid.

I was a mischievous little one. My brother and I were sharing a room then and there were many a night when we would create a ruckus in the room. From pillow fights to heated arguments, this one—done over several nights—tops it all.

Thud… Thud… Muffled giggles… Thud… Thud…

My mother would come and check on us but somehow, we always managed to fool her, pretending to be asleep by the time the room door creaked open. After a quick scan, she’d leave and we would continue. It was so fun!

We were both taking turns repeatedly, climbing onto the top of my closet and jumping off it to land onto my bed, padded with extra pillows to camouflage the thudding sound.

“Geronimo!!!” I would whisper fiercely and leap off horizontally, to land flat on my face (not feet first, mind you!) and then break out in fits of giggles. My brother was equally having a ball. We continued this three feet high Acapulco stunt for several nights until one night, it had to happen.

The landing was not too smooth and there was an unusually loud crack! Oh no. We scrambled for our lives but I think we were not caught.

Weeks passed and we stopped doing this. One day, I was in the room and wanted to open the drawers beneath my bed to take out some things. The drawer just wouldn’t budge. It turned out, a cross bar plank of the bed had snapped right in the middle and had angled into the drawer, preventing it (the drawer) from opening!

I had to feign a very innocent face when my mother wondered how on Earth this could have happened! Heheh…

Subliminally, what I did then could be the reason why the girls have a closet that is built from floor to ceiling and their beds, Tatami-style, so there is no room whatsoever for them to attempt any Acapulco act on me!