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Tired Tourists

26 Dec

The journey to the Cu Chi Tunnel took two hours, a little bit longer than anticipated. Along the way, we stopped at a handicraft center to admire works of art using duck egg shells and seashells. Amazing! Nothing goes to waste.

Apparently duck egg shells are stronger than chicken egg shells and ideal to use. Wow, I never knew. The center also showcased works done by craftsmen who were handicapped by Agent Orange. A somber reminder of the past war the country endured.

We left the center and headed for Cu Chi Tunnel. It was indeed an eye opener for the girls and even for us again. It’s amazing to see and learn the intricacies of the tunnel engineered out of the need for survival. One has to definitely visit the place to see for themselves why and how.

The girls even tried their hands at an AK-47. This was a thrill and experience for them! But when they went into one of the tunnels, they thought it was not an easy thing to do. An eye opener indeed.

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring and understanding the place; I clocked 4605 steps and 3.7km by the time we headed back to the van.

It has been a tiring day because there was no wind in the area and the air was very humid. By 5.00pm, we left Cu Chi Tunnel to head back to the city for dinner and then to call it a day.

We ran smacked into rush hour as we approached the city. The hoards of oncoming motorbikes can be quite scary and our van was constantly just inches away from them and other vehicles. But deftly, these people were able to move along in a controlled chaos without any mishap. You think you can handle traffic? Wait till you experience rush hour in Ho Chi Minh City!

Tomorrow another long day filled with a different adventure awaits!


M2 at the AK-47


M1 at the AK-47


Being a Tourist, Part 2

26 Dec

The morning sight-seeing and shopping stops were less than 2,000 steps and about 1.1km but I feel so tired despite the interesting stops and good deal purchases. So much history and choices but the lack of sleep could be the reason for the tiredness. Then again, I am not a shopping person. Maybe also because this morning, I heard the news of the passing of George Michael, one of my favorite singers. Not the way to start the day. Sigh…

Our itinerary today includes a buffet lunch at Hoang Yen Buffet before we make our way to Cu Chi Tunnel. Hubby tried the Balut and thinks I shouldn’t. So I didn’t. The rest of the spread was pretty good. A little bit of everything, it was enough to get us going for the rest of the day.

Sated after the meal, a nice snooze in the van during the hour long or more journey would be just nice!



That’s a Balut on the lil’ plate