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A Thousand Stories

14 Feb

I did not realize yesterday I hit another milestone with my 1000th posting on WordPress! The app alerted me on this achievement. Wow… I sure have a lot of stories to tell. Well, with a colorful and interesting life, there are definitely lots to share, be happy, positive and even proud of it.

Here’s to a thousand more stories and thank you for all your support, reading and liking my posts.

2015 in Summary

31 Dec

As 2015 draws to an end, this is a good time to reflect back and evaluate what the year meant to me. There were a lot of changes for me. The big one being my first born, M1 leaving home for university in the US. It was hard to let go but we had to. Sigh…

On the personal front, I stopped reading after my last book, Genghis Khan; his story was just too intense to digest with me constantly having visual overloads of vast lands and sky-high mountains. It was too epic and nothing else could top that. So I stopped reading. 

Maybe come 2016, I should get back to reading and realign my visual senses. Have a pile of books of other genres by my bedside to entice me so that I will go back to reading, something that I honestly enjoy. Perhaps this will also cut down my addiction to my virtual games.

2015 had me constantly crushing candies, popping sodas, saving farm animals and being a zookeeper to keep myself challenged and aggravated. And as if this was not enough, I started blasting monsters and flowers too. Hubby thinks these activities take up too much of my time. I don’t think it is time-consuming but rather, it keeps the mind alert. Yes, I am not being apologetic about this I must admit. Oh… I recently downloaded Piano Tiles 2, just to keep my reflexes agile. Maybe more virtual addiction in 2016?

We played just as much golf in 2015 too, locally and abroad with friends whenever we have the opportunity. I think this is good for our soul and friendship; it is also good to rejuvenate our spirits for a day or a few days and come back fresh to face the daily challenges. 

Work-wise, it has been busy and not so busy. Writing on my blog keeps me busier as it is still on-going daily except for Wednesdays and more when I travel. 

On health matters, there were issues. Last year, I had major tinnitus and sinus problems and had to visit the ENT several times to cure it. Besides this, I had to manage a recurring injury on my left wrist from golf. This year, the injury persisted somewhat. On top of this, my pre-molar tooth gave way and ended up being extracted. There was also my constant (but unspoken of) chronic back pain. Not forgetting my annual laryngitis. Ouch. Thank goodness, the list ends here! I hope 2016 will be healthier and better health management. Cross fingers.

Family wise, M1 is back on campus and has registered for classes already. She will continue as a Sophomore when the new year kicks in. M2 is suddenly all grown up (with M1 away), behaving more matured than the 14 years old that she actually is and will start the year as a Form 3 student. Official pet number one, Rooney being official pet number one, remains demanding for snacks and scratches always and hubby, well, he continues being hubby – strong, understanding and steadfast by my side.

Sometimes I wonder why I do this, write and share my experiences and inner thoughts with strangers. Well, for one, I would like to leave something for my girls to gain an insight (and understanding) into what makes me tick. I am a sentimental person, every moment and single piece of object is important and has a story. But I feel objects kept over the years just do not tell the real story as well as words. So I write about them, randomly and frequently.

All the experiences I had in my life and especially with the girls growing up are only in my mind to remember. The girls cannot see or even remember some of it. Rehashing these memories are wonderful for me because it jogs my thoughts to rewind back as far as I can and I find this very invigorating. 

By journaling especially here since the beginning of my blog in mid-2013, I hope my girls and others will read and visualise the moment, experience the occasion and perhaps appreciate the story-teller in me. Sometimes the topic can be mundane (like my Candy Crush battles) or delicious (with the food trails) and even insightful (on my travels). At that moment in time, it was significant to earn a mention and I truly enjoyed the experiences and want to share.

Yes, 2015 has indeed been quite a year for me. Am I a better person? We can only know in the years ahead. I have long since stopped making resolutions for the New Year but I do hope I will continue to live my life to the fullest and whatever I embark upon, I will do with passion and commitment.

Thanks 2015, we did good. 2016 will be better! Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy and better 2016!

Happy Anniversary!

12 Jun

Will there be more highlighted countries?

It was exactly a year ago today that I started this. How time flies! I find it astounding that I had so much to write for the past one year. My girls, code named M1 and M2, have been a constant story source—past and present—and it’s amazing what anecdotes I get from them. Then there’s my apps and games in my devices plus my travels, basically my daily life—happy, silly, frustrating, annoying, you name it—that I felt was worth sharing.

Initially I started out with five days of posts for the weekday. Then once I settled into a comfortable routine, I decided to do four, resting on Wednesdays and the weekends. But of course when I travel, the schedule differs.

As today is yet another milestone, I’d like to humbly thank the many viewers/readers/supporters who visited and visits daily; it makes me proud to say, I have more than a hundred bloggers worldwide following me (on top of my Facebook friends), two shy of the 8,000 view mark (today) from readers in 84 countries in the world! Never in my wildest dreams I thought I could reach these figures.

Happy Anniversary me and many more to come!