About Me

I am not a blogger per se, but I felt the overwhelming urge to write after being inspired by so many friends (and strangers) who have beautiful blogs of their experiences, be it with food, travel or otherwise. All this started in 2013. In the beginning, my two girls (code-named M1 and M2 in my musings) have given me many occasions worthy to be shared and while at times, I can be exasperated, I don’t think I am alone.

I am a Graphic Designer by profession, so everything I see and do in life centers around typography, doodles, thumbnails and grid systems, like how it is with my work in the design world; there is no separation. So, my grocery list can be a typographic study by itself or often little pieces of instruction to my kids are peppered with drawings more than words and advice on school projects are toned like design pitches to help them visualize better. However, they have grown up and both are away for their tertiary education. So no more cute doodle grocery lists, but rather, a grocery app on the phone for this task these days! 

My carving hobby and the imaginary world that the characters are set – Gigglesville and Gnomie-wood, was my world that I shared. Sadly, I have run out of wood to continue this hobby and have since ventured into a new hobby: crafting miniature sets. While these experiences of mine may be zany, quirky or plain incredulous, there are other occasions, activities and travels—with or without my girls—that I enjoy sharing. 

Having said that, times have changed. The world has been hit by a terrible pandemic since 2020 and there is little or no travel tales to talk about. The most exciting journey is from the living room to the kitchen to see what I can discover in the fridge or waking up wondering what I will do for the rest of the day. 

I continue writing to keep sane and grounded, and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy keeping my journal going.

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