Too Cute to Resist, Part 2

24 Aug

The tiny DIY miniature beckoned, and I could not resist. And as I was struggling with DIY number 17, calling for me to use clay to shape some cakes and bread, I decided to put number 17 aside and go with the latest micro set.

DIY miniature number 18 took me only five days to finish, although one of the days does not count because I did more house chores than crafting. The set was a joy to work on and utterly cute when complete; such satisfaction I felt.

Cuteness overload

To complete the homey kitchen look, I placed one of the little people, and the little one looked right at home! Ah, such joy again. This set is too cute for words.

Feeling right at home!

With its completion, I will take a break for a day or two before jumping back to DIY set number 17 or perhaps, continue carving the second Gnome Trio piece.

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