A New Bag

6 Nov

After six years of using the TaylorMade stand-bag, it is time to say goodbye to the bag. The bag was part of the goodie bag gift when I entered the National Finals of the BMW Golf Cup International Tournament in 2014.

Used and worn out until the BMW marque has disappeared

Although I also have a cart bag from winning in the qualifying round that same year, the BMW cart bag is rather chunky and heavy. So it has been underutilized. With the current situation with the pandemic, and especially during the CMCO phases, I have been walking and carrying my golf bag more than ever on days when I don’t use the golf buggy. And a stand-bag is a better choice, being lighter, over the cart bag.

My new bag, a Japanese brand, Fidra, is super light-weight. I am sure it will serve me well as the TaylorMade bag did.

My new bag!

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