Last Day of Quarantine!

6 Apr

Today’s the last day of M2’s quarantine. Yay! But the MCO is still on. Tomorrow when she’s officially out from her room, I get to finally give her a welcome home hug, something I didn’t get to do two weeks’ ago.

We look forward to actually spending time and being with M2 once she’s out of her room. We can have real conversations without having to resort to using the phones anymore. And we can have meals together instead of her eating her food in Bento boxes in her room.

Obviously room service is no longer necessary but I must say, I’ve enjoyed the deliveries as it was good exercise for me going up and down the stairs several times a day.

We remain house-bound until the MCO is lifted on 14 April and this is if the government decides it’s safe to do so. The MCO could still be extended. The nation awaits the decision on 10 April.

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