No Pain, No Gain

1 Mar

For two days, my upper body was in pain after Monday’s gym session. Looking back, it did not seem like a Herculean effort to use a ten pound weight as I knew I could manage. Despite stopping gym for sometime, I took a chance and pushed myself to the limit. Maybe a little too much. The consequences thereafter showed that the body was unable to withstand the intense workout.

The pain level reminded me of the time after the Laparoscopy Surgery I underwent last year. I was so bloated upon discharge with all that gas still stuck in my abdomen, making the upper body so uncomfortable especially to breathe and this after-gym effect is almost on par.

By the third day, thankfully my aches and pain reduced. Well, there’d better be some gain for all this pain endured. I play a round of golf later today and hopefully, whatever remaining discomfort won’t affect my game. Come Monday, the cycle repeats itself.

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