Gong Xi Fa Cai!

5 Feb

It is officially the Year of the Pig and here’s wishing everyone ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’! May the pig bring you peace, happiness, abundance wealth and the pinkest of health.

The First Day of Chinese New Year is a family tradition, with all family members who have made the effort to return, gathering to exchange angpows, eat, laugh and catch up. Basically it’s all about tradition, family and food. 

This year the Reunion Dinner was a small affair with lesser family members in attendance. And being a smaller group, the family opted to dine at a restaurant last night. It was one noisy affair as the restaurant hosted not just our table of 12 but 126 other tables simultaneously in one seating for families who opted not to cook for a home Reunion Dinner. There were 65 tables downstairs and 62 tables upstairs at the restaurant.

Fixed menu for all 127 tables

The occasion was akin to a typical Chinese wedding dinner. Food was served for everyone at the same time by uniformed waiters and the atmosphere was lively and noisy.

Big dinner crowd!

But unlike wedding dinners that I have attended, last night we had scantily-clad singers and dancers entertaining the crowd. The screaming, err… singing I mean drowned out even my thoughts, what more to have a decent conversation over the meal with everyone at the table. What an experience to usher in the Year of the Pig!

Like I said, may the pig bring peace, happiness, wealth and health! Happy New Year everyone!

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