Another Use for the T-square

28 Jan

I have three T-squares from my college days sitting in the office. Why three? They are of different lengths – an 18”, a 30” and a 36”, all necessary for different usage. During the dinosaur era, a T-square was the go-to tool to use for cutting mounting boards for artwork presentation to the professors and subsequently to clients.

These days, artwork presentations are hardly physical as we present our work to clients with PDF files projected onto the big white board of a meeting room from the laptop. So my T-squares ceased to see action and remain a relic.

But of late, I found a use for them especially the three-footer. It’s almost gross but practical.

We have baby roaches in the office and these varmints are gross. Who likes them whether they are big or small? Every now and then, one would be crawling on the wall. Ugh. And as the office is an enclosed environment, I don’t fancy spraying them with the Baygon Cockroach Control aerosol due to the smell. So I use my T-square!

Whenever I spot a roach on the wall and usually out of my reach, out comes the T-square to ‘catch’ them. I’d stick two pieces of cellotape onto one end and holding on the T-end of the ruler, the reach is just perfect to tape those varmints down.

Once they get stuck, it’s instant death as I’d fold the tape over to prevent an escape. It sounds cruel but better a quick death than a slow agonizing one. Also, it’s cleaner this way. Imagine if I had to smack the roach and stain the walls? Ugh. My T-squares are not so useless after all in this age.


It may be tiny (see top right picture) but still a varmint and not sparing it any dignity!

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