A Case of Too Many?

4 Sep

This September month has become a case of too many holidays. Honestly, I am caught off guard with the realization. On one hand I appreciate a holiday every now and then, too many in succession is very disruptive. And these are replacement holidays! Meaning when they fall on a Sunday, the next day Monday is a replacement holiday.

Next week, Monday is a replacement holiday because Sunday is officially the King’s birthday. And it just so happen that Tuesday is also a public holiday, Awal Muharram; so that’s like two extra days off, making the work week only a three-day working week.

I am not even looking at it from the angle of having a long four-day weekend because being caught off guard, we didn’t plan ahead to go away. Then again, we can’t go anywhere because M2 is having her trial exams in the midst of all this holidays.

Then the following week, déjà vu. Monday is again a replacement holiday because Sunday is Malaysia Day to make that week a four-day work week.

I feel this is a tad too many and can either make one stressed because of the disrupted work (or exam) schedule ahead or become lazy because there’s too many breaks. Sigh… I can’t decide if I am looking forward to it or not.

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