Good vs Evil

6 Mar

Three weeks after my diagnose of Infectious Colitis, I started on probiotics supplement to strengthen my innards. And I am not sure whether it can work because I felt the biggest battle in my tummy on a Sunday night.

Now the thing is, the reaction could possibly be from the spicy Kimchi fried rice that M2 cooked and I tried some. It would be rude if I didn’t at least try a little of her first time attempt. So a little I had…

That night, I felt as if there was an epic good versus evil bacteria battle in my tummy. The abdominal cramps were not just the worst but the ‘worstest’ ever. No word can describe the pain, that’s how bad it was. To add to my misery, the backache also kicked in and painkiller I popped didn’t help at all. Surely it can’t be the probiotics as it’s supposed to be a good thing. I can’t imagine what I would go through had I ate more Kimchi fried rice. Shudder…

I have been very, very careful with what I eat and to suddenly experience this awful pain looks like a major setback to recovery. Looks like I may have to have another round of antibiotics. Sigh…

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