The Making of Wanderlust Owl

28 Jul

It wasn’t easy to carve Wanderlust Owl. The sketch was ugly and amateurish but I could visualize how the character would look. And with patience and determination, it started to take shape.

At 31mm only in height, I had to include a cap, a back pack and a hiking pole, new elements that doesn’t appear on normal citizens of Gigglesville. As for the hiking pole, I actually used a toothpick because I didn’t think I could shape a hiking pole that easily without breaking.

This is the process and the end result; and to cut the nitty gritty of it, I am pretty proud of my handiwork. Wanderlust Owl is the start of a new series, the Adventurers of Gigglesville, besides the normal citizens and Superheroes. Let’s hope that there will be more under this new series!





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