New Flavors

6 Sep

After my supply of the super fragrant G7 Vietnamese coffee finished, I decided to be a little bit adventurous and moved on to new brands to try. And sadly, they pale in comparison. Sigh…

The Douwe Egberts Smooth Caramel may smell nice but is only good with sugar which I prefer not to add to my daily intake. So I can’t drink this every morning although I do admit I occasionally have a coffee (a ready 3-in-1) with creamer and sugar, it’s not often. Have cut down my sugar intake with coffee for the longest time and have gotten used to it. A strong black is always good and preferred. 

The Percol Smooth Colombia is slightly better but its aroma doesn’t perk me up as much. Well, gotta make do. A decent coffee is better than no coffee in the morning to start the day!


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