Weakling No More

26 Jul

Last night, it was invigorating to improve my gym performance after a week of activities. I played three rounds of golf last week and yesterday during gym, the body wasn’t sluggish nor felt pushed to the max. In fact, I relished the routine set out by my trainer.

The four-pounder that felt so heavy last week didn’t feel heavy at all. In fact, I was so pumped I interspersed my routine with the four kilo weight that we affectionately call ‘The Birkin Bag’. Yes, a big leap from four pounds to four kilos but no problems whatsoever. I feel so proud I am a weakling no more.

I slept soundly too and don’t foresee the muscles and limbs crying the next day or two.


The 4kg ‘Birkin’


One Response to “Weakling No More”


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    […] downgraded from the 4kg weight (the one I call my Birkin bag) to a two pounder and even then, I could not do a lot of the usual routines. Yes, it’s bad. […]

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